About Me

So here I am,  42 years old, slightly crazy, definitely moody, majorly overweight. Divorced,  5 kids (3 biological) in a long distance relationship.  From England; living in Scotland, trying to move to New Zealand.  Full time student doing 3rd year of Business degree, and a volunteer at my local Barnardo’s Donation Centre.

Love driving big vehicles, weight training, anything to do with computers, rock music, cooking, DIY, reading science fiction and fantasy, cross stitch and drawing to mention a few interests.

Hate drama queens, people who continually moan yet do nothing to help themselves, and really despise people who think taking the mick out of others is funny when they’re trying to better themselves.

Oh; and recently gained a new addition to house in the form of a budgie (though I prefer Dobermans) just to add to the chaos that is my life.  Did I mention I was crazy?